Sheep, angora goats, llamas, alpacas, and guard dogs live tranquilly and naturally on the farm. Katahdin sheep are raised for the meat. these lambs hit the ground running and are very robust. Wooly sheep and goats are not only raised for meat but also for their fiber. Several breeds of sheep coexist for their different types of fiber from fine to course.

Our Sheep and Goats

We raise several different breeds of sheep on the Farm. One breed, Katahdins, are raised for the meat. Our other breeds of sheep are raised for meat and also for fiber. These different breeds produce different types of fiber from fine to course. We also raise Angora goats which produce the fiber for making articles of clothing such as Angora sweaters.

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Our Lambs

Five months from breedng season, lambs are expected to hit the ground. Most of the time the ewes need no assistance with lambing but as soon as mom has cleaned off the lamb(s), we strip her teats to get the plug off and allow the milk accessible. The lamb(s) are given a vitamin drench and an initial assessment of the lamb. The lamb's are tagged immediately for easy identification. Our lambing season is usually at the end of March or beginning of April and it's not really cold here so there's no need for warming lights. About 3 days after arriving, wooly lambs' tails are docked for health reasons but the Katahdin lambs' tails stay long.

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Our Llamas and Alpacas

Our Llamas and Alpacas have two purposes: mainly to guard and sound an alarm of unwanted trespassers and secondary to give up their fibers. By day, the llamas are very alert of what should and should not be in the fields.

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Our Guard Dogs

We have several guard dogs. We believe the dogs are the best deterent on our farm to keep predators such as coyotes at bay. By night, the guard dogs are on alert and work hard to sound their own alarm. You would be surprised at how effective they are!

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