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Lamb Price List

All our lambs are raised on our farm and never recieve growth hormones. The lamb meat is processed at a USDA approved facility.

If you wish to order our delicious high quality meat please contact us for availability.

Product Price
Loin Chops $16.99 lb.
Rack of Lamb (Frenched) $19.99 lb.
Shoulder Chops $11.00 lb.
Shoulder Roast - Boneless $11.99 lb.
Shoulder Roast - Bone-in $10.99 lb.
Leg - Boneless $12.99 lb.
Leg - Bone in $11.99 lb.
Leg Steak $12.00 lb.
Shank $9.99 lb.
Ground $8.99 lb.
Sausage (Sweet Italian (Loops)) $9.99 lb.
Liver $6.99 lb.
Kidney $6.99 lb.
Heart $6.99 lb.
Tongue $6.99 lb.
Bones $3.99 lb.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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